Management Plan

Medium Term Management Plan.

More Than Shipping 2018.

In April 2014, NYK announced its new medium-term management plan, ''More Than Shipping 2018'' which runs for 5 years. The new plan adheres ''More Than Shipping 2013'' as a basic strategy and follows the theme of ''Differentiation from competitors by NYK's Creative Solutions.'' NYK realizes strong business portfolio against changing market conditions by utilising business opportunities such as LNG (liquefied natural gas) transportation/offshore business, strengthening financial ground to enable large scale investment and setting out direction for sustainable growth.

This new Management Plan will adopt the following business strategies with the ultimate goal of becoming a distinguished RORO Operator with global auto-logistics capability.

Ocean Carrier:

  • Maintain position as No.1 Carrier.
  • Deploy vessels with greater fuel efficiency and more flexible deck arrangements to carry diverse cargo mix.
  • To entice construction machinery cargo.


Automotive Logistics:

  • To continue to expand, especially in newly emerging markets, and enhance our service network.
  • Consider strategic M&A opportunities.
  • To provide customers with services built on technological innovation.



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