NYK's RORO Division are pleased to announce their new ''Trans Pacific Express Service'' (TPX Service) linking Mexico, North America and East Asia.

On January 28th, the car carrier Viking Drive departed from Acapulco, Mexico, on the service's inaugural voyage with finished cars that had been loaded in Mexico and North America.

This is the first non-stop RORO service from the west coast of Mexico to the west coast of North America, and the west coasts of both Mexico and North America to China. The service will have one to two sailings per month on the following route: Acapulco, Lazaro Cardenas (Mexico), Port Hueneme (U.S), Yokohama, Nagoya (Japan), Pyeongtaek (South Korea), Xingang, Shanghai (PRC).

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NYK Auto Logistics India Pvt.Ltd has decided to start up operations for a finished vehicle logistics terminal with Gujarat Pipavav Port Ltd in the state of Gujarat, northwest India, from June 2015.

The export of finished vehicles from the west coast of India is expected to increase and this new terminal will be built to handle up to 250,000 units annually and provide value added services such as pre-delivery inspection (PDI) and radio frequency identification (RFI) for track and trace.

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NYK are assisting with preparations to build the infrastructure required to host the 2022 Football World Cup in Doha by shipping almost 20 heavy tunnel boring machines from their International Car Operator (ICO) Terminal in Antwerp.

This heavy project cargo has been shipped over the last six months on specialized NYK Roll On / Roll Off (RORO) vessels which are ideally suited due to their main deck capacity up to maximum 6.30 meters high and ramp strength capacity up to maximum 200 tons. The shipments in total amount to a weight of nearly 2,500 tons and a volume of 9,250 cubic meters. The spectacular loading operation will require a total of 87 roll trailers to be used and further shipments will take place during November.

From October 2014, NYK and Silverbird Auto Logistics Ltd will start a new inland transportation service in Myanmar for finished automobiles as a result of the recent increase of new car imports to the Country.

NYK currently offers a RORO service twice per month to Yangon including comprehensive logistics services which includes storage, pre-delivery inspection and customs clearance.


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On May 27th 2014 NYK welcomed m/v Aries Leader to their fleet, the very first post-Panamax car carrier to be delivered in Japan. This new style vessel showcases all the latest energy saving technologies and has an increased car capacity of 7,000 units. The vessels hull, traditionally painted with blue stripes, has been changed to green for the first time to highlight NYK's environmental flagship vessel.

Design Concept:

  • New Panamax Design (width 35.80m, length 199,98m, draft 37.70m & total car capacity 7,000 units)
  • Optimal design for loading different cargo mix (ie, cars, trucks and high heavy)
  • New energy saving environmental technology (under hull air lubrication system, hybrid turbocharger, electronically controlled engine & the use of water-emulsified fuel in the boiler)
  • Improved safety onboard cargo decks (anti-skid treatment on decks)
  • Intelligent navigation system
  • Improved accommodation for ship's crew (modern Japanese style).



New Energy Saving Environmental Technology:

  • The patented Mitsubishi Air Lubrication System (MALS), developed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), reduces frictional resistance between the ship's hull and seawater by generating air bubbles at the bottom of the vessel. This innovative technology will assist in reducing CO2 emissions (by approx 13%) from the vessel to reduce the negative impact on the environment. MALS was installed on two module carriers in 2010 and is the world's first application of an air-blower air lubrication system in ocean going vessels.


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Spacious and Modern Accommodation:

Aries Leader will also provide new modern Japanese style interior with spacious accommodation for the Ship's crew and visitors in Port.