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NYK Orders Four Post Panamax Car Carriers

NYK RORO are currently building four next generation car carriers which are due for completion in 2014 & 2015. These new Vessels will have a capacity for 7,000 vehicles (previously 6,500 maximum) and NYK will be the first Japanese Shipping Line to operate such large post Panamax Car Carriers.

These new RORO Vessels will also showcase the latest energy saving technologies, lowering the fuel cost per finished vehicle transported by roughly one third compared to present.

 Energy Saving Technologies:

  • Enlarging vessel design - 3 to 4m has been added to the traditional 32m width of the vessel
  • Air lubrication system - reducing friction between the hull and seawater by generating air bubbles at the bottom of the vessel.
  • Low friction hull coating
  • Hybrid turbocharger - new on-board electric supply system
  • Inverter control of cooling water pump
  • Water emulsion compatible boiler - water emulsion fuel is potentially high efficiency, saving on fuel consumption and C02 emissions.
  • Performance monitoring system