Ocean Carrier

Ocean Carrier

'LEADER' of the FLEET.

With more than 136 years shipping experience, an extensive global network and operating the largest Roll On / Roll Off (RORO) fleet worldwide, we are in the strongest position to offer an efficient and reliable service to our customers. In addition we are extremely focused towards minimising our impact on the environment and have adopted a variety of new energy efficient technologies onboard our vessels.

The Gaia Leader
The "Gaia Leader" Ocean Carrier

Vessel Fleet

Our fleet of 120 RORO vessels, mainly our superior Leader Class, carry in excess of 3.4 million cars per year around the world. Our vessels are highly flexible and can be reconfigured depending on your needs. Vessels are capable of transporting up to 7,500 standard cars. The main deck and ramp are engineered with sufficient strength to handle heavy-duty cargo up to 200 tonnes with a height of 6.3m.

RORO Cargo

We provide safe and reliable transportation for all types of RORO cargoes including:

  • Cars
  • Plant equipment
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Specialist cargoes such as boilers, transformers and yachts
RORO Cargo
RORO Cargo

Vessel Safety & Damage Prevention

Our technical teams always ensure the highest standards are maintained during cargo operations both onboard the vessel and ashore on the terminal. Current standards adopted include:

  • NAV9000 Vessel Audit System - NYK's maritime leading procedures
  • Approved ISO9001 - world class management performance
  • Approved ISO14001 - adhering to global environmental standards
  • Global Safety Promotion System / Emergency Response Network
  • NYK Cargo Handling Manual – ensuring 99.9% cargo damage free
  • Safety Cargo Work Promotion Committee
  • STARS (Shipboard Training and Assessment Record System) - enabling continuous remote learning

New Environmental Technologies

NYK has a clear roadmap of technical innovation towards the development of a "zero emissions ship" by 2050, via the NYK Super Eco Ship. Recent innovative progress towards these goals on RORO vessels includes:

  • Fueling ships with LNG instead of heavy oil
  • Solar power & storage batteries to cut fossil fuel power requirements
  • Ballast water management system to protect biodiversity
  • Low sulphur fuel oil to reduce particulate emissions
  • Energy saving fluorescent lighting system to cut power needs
Ballast water management system to protect biodiversity
Ballast water management system to protect Biodiversity