Quality & Vessel Safety

Your Cargo, Safe in Our Hands

As the world’s largest RORO shipping Line, NYK is trusted to safely carry more than 3 million cars to destinations across the globe every year. Our commitment to the safety of our vessels at sea, whilst incorporating the highest quality of cargo care, is reflected through the various safety policies currently in place.

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Secured RORO Cargo
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ISO 9001 Approved

NYK has acquired ISO9001 management quality certification for all safety and environmental activities including all RORO vessels in operation.

ISO 14001 Approved

NYK’s entire RORO fleet, including chartered vessels, is certified to the environmental management ISO14001.

NAV9000 Vessel Audit System

NYK introduced its rigorous maritime industry leading Safe Ship Management System in 1998 to ensure adherence to exacting NYK vessel operating standards.


  • Ensures compliance with International Treaties
  • Implements procedures to prevent major accidents
  • Includes measures to satisfy specific customer requirements.

Amongst the performance measures included as part of NAV900 are:

  • Vessel downtime, due to vessel safety incidents, less than 10 hours per vessel per year.
  • "Near Miss 3000" activities to be reported by Ships’ Officers to improve awareness and prevent similar incidents from occurring in future.

Near Miss 3000 is inspired by Heinrich’s Law: the law on work-related accidents which states that behind every major accident there are 29 minor accidents and 300 near misses. NYK has expanded this to a fourth level: the estimated 3000 unsafe conditions and unsafe acts which can lead to near-misses. We call these Dangerous EVents and Irregular Looks or DEVIL. By focusing our ships’ crews attention on “DEVIL hunting” NYK seeks to eliminate at the earliest opportunity the precursors and factors to accidents before a major event occurs.

NYK Cargo Handling Manual

To avoid damage to cargo and NYK’s cargo handling manual is issued to all ports and vessels highlighting the need to exercise extreme caution in cargo handling. Strict cargo handling procedures are in place which cover the:

  • Preparation and pre-load meeting,
  • Walk through to ensure a safe driving route,
  • Loading / discharging cargo to vessel,
  • Lashing
  • Port separation zones.

The port stevedores appearance is also strictly controlled to ensure there is no possible risk to damaging cargo from the stevedores themselves.

Securing Cargo
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Safety Cargo Work Promotion Committee (SCWPC)

A global committee is in place to continually review and exchange ideas on cargo operation performance and the prevention of cargo accidents. Regular global meetings take place to ensure the same quality standards are adhered to, share best practice and advise when new policy is required.

NYK’s global quality target is: safe and on-time transportation with zero cargo accidents:

  • ZERO Defect,
  • ZERO Accident,
  • ZERO Injury,
  • ZERO Delay.

Regional HQs in London, Secaucus and Singapore hold regular meetings to review reports of cargo work in their own regions and exchange opinions on a global basis. These meetings are customer focused to implement specific customer requirements. They involve local stevedores, Port Captains and NYK’s Third Party Agents to ensure expert on-site knowledge is available and encourage professional team-work management. Performance targets are set regionally and reviewed with specific actions set out to maintain good practice and counter potential causes of accidents and cargo damage.

STARS Training Programme (Shipboard Training and Assessment Record System).

STARS provides modules of onboard self-study support tools for the ships’ crew to hone their professional skills. Module examples include:

  • ‘Hold maintenance’,
  • ‘Preparation for loading’
  • ‘Caution in port’.

Global Safety Promotion System / Emergency Response Network

A one of the world’s largest ship owners, NYK has one of the world’s most extensive safety sytems in place to monitor its 846 vessel fleet wherever they are on the globe, every hour of the day, every day of the year. Each year the Safety and Environmental Management Committee reviews the performance of NYK’s safety operations and sets targets for the next year.

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