Who we are..

Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (NYK) is one of the world’s leading transportation companies operating a vast fleet of ocean vessels, as well as planes and trucks.

Basic Philosophy

The NYK Group’s basic philosophy, ‘Bringing value to life.’ expresses the purpose and reasoning for the Group’s existence – i.e, the value the Group brings to all living things and the environment while realizing prosperous lives and daily fulfilment for people around the world.

Value in items is created when they are with the people who need them and are in the necessary places. In the future, the Group will play a central role in the contributing to a sustainable society and environment, in addition to delivering the essential items and services to the people that need them and to the desired places

Based on this basic philosophy, the Group is working every day toward its goal of co-creating sustainable value with all of its stakeholders while flexibly adapting its buisness models to change in this current era and in society.

NYK Group Values

NYK Group Values represent our DNA, inherited over 135+ years of history. They remain aligned with gemba and society and guide us toward the achievement of our “NYK Group Mission Statement”.

Building an organization that fully leverages the diversity among its 35,000+ employees

With more than 35,000 employees and just under 9,000 crew members NYK Group’s employees are highly diverse and international in nature, located in all different regions around the globe!