EU Customs, Import Control System 2 (ICS2) – impact for our customers.

Release 3 goes live on 3rd June 2024.

Import Control System 2 (ICS2) is the European Union’s new enhanced electronic safety and security screening system, enabling customs authorities to conduct targeted risk assessments, based on the expanded Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) data, prior to the arrival of goods in the EU.

To comply with this EU regulation, our customers will be required to provide additional, more detailed information, as part of their shipping instructions. Some of the changes will involve the provision of:

•            6-digit Harmonized System Code (HS Code)

•            A complete description of goods

•           EORI number of the consignee established in the EU

•            Detailed address of the consignee

•            Seller / buyer information

This new process will also enable provisions for the filing of ENS data by multiple parties (I.e., carrier / forwarder / consignee).

ICS2 is going to be launched during three stages. Under Release 3, all goods transported on maritime and inland waterways, roads, and railways, to or through the EU, Switzerland, Norway, and Northern Ireland, will be subject to new data filing requirements.

Poor data quality and inadequate declarations may result either in goods being delayed at the EU customs boarders, rejected or subject to customs authorities’ intervention, with possible sanctions imposed for non- compliance. For more information on the ICS2 Release 3, please follow the link to the European Commission’s website which details the roll-out plan:

(Image source: European Commission website, March 2024)