Onboard testing begins for sustainable car lashing belts made of recycled polyester fiber

Aiming for introduction by fiscal 2026 to reduce GHG emissions by nearly 30%

NYK Line (hereinafter "NYK"), NYK Trading Corporation (hereinafter "NYKT"), and Rexxam Corporation (hereinafter "Rexxam") have begun onboard testing of jointly developed prototype car lashing belts using recycled polyester fiber for use in car carriers.

Prototype car lashing belt

Aiming to reduce petroleum consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, the three companies signed an agreement in 2022 to jointly develop a car lashing belt that uses recycled polyester fiber for the belt portion. On April 23, a hundred of these prototype belts were loaded for testing on the car carrier Cassiopeia Leader. Through onboard testing, we will repeatedly confirm that the strength and durability of the product meet the standards set by NYK, with the aim of officially introducing the completed product by fiscal 2026.

Prototype belts in use①

Prototype belts in use②

The GHG emissions from the weaving of these prototypes, which use 99.5% recycled raw yarn, are expected to be reduced by approximately 28.3% compared to existing products made from petroleum resources. If these prototypes are used in all car carriers operated by NYK (approximately 120 vessels), GHG emissions could be reduced by approximately 400 tons.

The three companies will continue to develop lashing belts that combine high quality and performance with consideration for the natural environment by increasing strength and durability through repeated performance evaluation and improvement.

Company NameRole
NYK LineProvide knowledge on marine transportation of cars, product evaluation
NYK Trading CorporationProject planning and coordination
Rexxam Co., Ltd.Provision of knowledge and technology related to prototype production and belt production

Outline of each company

< NYK Line >
Head office: Tokyo, Japan
Representative: Takaya Soga, President and Representative Director
Website: https://www.nyk.com/english/
Contact: Media Relations Team, Corporate Communication Group, NYKJP.ML.MEDIA@nykgroup.com

< NYK Trading Corporation >
Head Office: Tokyo, Japan
Representative: Shinji Umehara, Representative Director and CEO
Website: https://www.nyk-trading.com/eng/
Contact: Public Relations Section

< Rexxam Co., Ltd. >
Head Office: Osaka, Japan
Representative: Shinji Okano, President
Website: https://www.rexxam.co.jp/english/
Contact: Osaka Sales Office, 06-6262-0871